At Cheltenham Custom Framing we offer you an exacting standard in all the Framing  work we undertake. Not only do we offer a large range of services common to the Framing task, but we can assist you with a large range of Special Services (eg Photo Restoration, Printing, Military Medals).

Our services include:

Custom Framing

No matter what the nature of the piece is, every item that is brought into our work shop is custom designed from the ground up according to the exact appearance, texture, and cultural origin of the work.  Therefore, every job we do is completely different – this truly is custom framing.

We carefully select the finest moulding (frame) and matboards from the leading suppliers of Australia, Europe and America.  At any one time, we have over 1000 samples of moulding and matting available and our range constantly changes and evolves according to current trends, fashions and interior designs.

We work with all types of media including paper, prints and posters, photographs, documents and certificates, paintings (oil, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, acrylic etc.), etchings, canvas, tapestries, silk, jigsaw puzzles, papyrus, sporting and military memorabilia and much more.

We can also restore original artwork including damaged canvas, stained or watermarked paintings, plus other artwork that may need retouching.

In addition, we also offer a full delivery and picture-hanging service in your home.

Photo Restoration

Whether your images are negatives, slides (transparencies), or printed media of any type (eg. Photograph, canvas, poster, postcard etc.); your precious photographs and documents will be safe with us.  We can even copy and restore nineteenth century glass negatives.  Our photographic work is not just limited to old photographs.  We also specialize in other types of manipulation, such as improving, changing and copying your more recent images.

We take pride in being one of the best available photographic restoration and manipulation specialists in the Melbourne area and will gladly quote your work free of charge and offer advice on all of your photographic needs.

Services Include:
• Colour to Monchrome (B&W)
• Sepia Toning
• Hand Tinting and Colouring
• Design and Production of Collages
• Image – Enlargements, Duplications, Enhancements
• Reproduction of all media (paintings, etchings, drawings, prints, etc) – on canvas, high grade art paper, photographic paper etc.

Memorabilia / Collectables

We are very proud of the fact that each and every piece or collection of memorabilia is custom designed to perfectly suit the specific theme or heritage of the item.  After the design consultation with you, materials are sourced from Australia’s leading framing suppliers and the item is meticulously hand crafted using the highest standard of techniques and with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Every effort is made to ensure your final result is absolutely perfect.  Whether the item is a simple sporting jersey, or an elaborate collection of items relating to a special event or piece of family history, we will go the extra distance to make sure the completed piece is flawless.  This may include producing copies of documents, making inscriptions or plaques, or even restoring photographs.  We are only happy if you are delighted with our work.  We want you to treasure and enjoy your framed memorabilia for years to come.

All work is done on in our workshop – your valuable items never leave our workshop until you collect the finished work.


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