There are a large number of different print media which can be used to best display your images. The most popular are Canvas, High Grade Photographic Paper and High Quality Art Paper.

We can produce your images on any of the above media – using only the highest quality materials and inks.

It is possible to print on other media (eg metallic photographic paper, perspex) – please discuss with us for an opinion on suitability for your image and price.

Deteiled briefly below is some information about our most popular printing media :

Photographic Paper

We use Kodak Supra Endura VC Paper to carry your images. This premium paper is designed for the premium professional photographic market. It has brilliant image quality, exceptional sharpness and is rated for 100 years.

Metallic Photographic Paper

The variant on the premium Kodak paper we use, Kodak Supra Endura VC Metallic Paper, presents a unique way to display your images. It provides a high contrast ‘metal’ look with high gloss finish. For the right image the medium provides  high levels of brightness, sharpness and colour saturation.


We use only high quality, archival canvas. Your images are finished with a protective coating to guard against fading and physically protecting the image against chipping. The canvas we use is 65/35 cotton/polyester. The finished print is coated with a UV protective lacquer to guard against fading. The protective layer  also serves to physically protect the image against chipping, scratching etc. Please check our Canvas page for details on the different presentation formats.


A striking way to present your image. The print is directly onto 6mm acrylic using UV inks. A gloss backing is provided for protection. There are various ways to hang acrylic prints – we can provide you with appropriate advice.

Art Paper

A popular choice of medium is Art Paper. We use only high quality Moab Entrada fine art paper. The paper is 290gsm, 100% Cotton Rag and is fully archival rated.


There are a number of other ways to transfer your image to a physical medium. If the above options are not right for your applications, please discuss with us.


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